If you ever thought that the day in the life of a cop couldn't possibly be boring, you're more close to being right than you are to being wrong. Consider this. When someone sees a cop headed in their direction, they are generally not bearing good news, i.e., "congrats, you just won ___________!!" (fill in the blank)

While it's the nature of the job that makes it true that cops rarely are remembered for the good things they do (and there are plenty), it's also that same nature that exposes them to some of the darndest things one could imagine ever taking place. And that's where Behind the Badge comes in. I hope to share with you, the reader, just some of the things that cops have been known to experience and hopefully, should you know a cop or two, as friends, explain why their sense of humor and perspective may be a tad different from yours.

Ron Cowart retired from the Baton Rouge Police Department, after thirty-one years, at the rank of Captain.

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